A final farewell to james

This is for friends who don’t have Facebook where I posted a memorial to james yesterday.

I wanted to make some kind of memorial which would sum up james s life in a way that made me happy and which he would maybe have liked.

Then I hope to get on with making the best of every day of my life.

Still have not learned how to arrange photos properly on this site….er next time….so please excuse the erratic order.

There should be lots of happy photos , an obituary which was particularly aimed at the people of pisticci and a song he wrote about how he felt about living in pisticci.

When we first moved to Italy.
On Rhodes
One Christmas day on the beach
First window he ever put in by himself. Very proud.
Strimming at calcarole
Silly pose chopping logs
He loved his little tractor. It was called giacomino
Sitting by the fire at calcarole.
James when I first met him. On bridge over the tay.
On the beach . Somewhere in Scotland.
How he felt about pisticci.
Never thought I’d be writing something like this. Best I could do.
Dressed up for a change
He d never done diy before but didn’t stop him building the bathroom!
With friends all dressed up to go out .
First Snow we had in Italy so just had to make a snowman
Best tan we ever got. On Rhodes.
In matera not long after we came to pisticci
He built a tree house and then lived in it…..no not really he just got dressed up for this photo

The last photo is my favourite and how I want to remember him.

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