Finding new things….project for june

Having friends who are artists is good and having one to work with is even better.

We have decided , though not actually both in the same country that we should have a project for june. So after a lot of thinking and then a moment of inspiration …..we have a plan.. a merging of ideas .

The plan is to work with similar themes and share what we’ve done each day. The project work should be for maximum of one hour per day….and it should definitely be enjoyable or its not going to last all of June.

I will be writing about my part in this.

It was funny how I got started as I have been completely empty of artistic ideas for the last 2 weeks.. but yesterday morning I decided to take a photo of the veranda here with the table as it looked like the kind of place that a writer would sit. I joked about needing a clacketty clack typewriter, a whisky glass and a cigar..and it would be perfect. I have always thought that being a writer sounded very romantic and interesting , in the same way as being a super model and travelling the world looking gorgeous would be fun…..yeah..not going to happen.

But that little moment grew and I thought that possibly if I put my mind to it and got up early enough I could maybe write 200-300 words on my blog every day about the project. Thereby giving me a subject to write about and a need to be even more creative to make something interesting to write about.

Not sure about the whisky and cigars and I should be writing on my phone…but I am sure I can imagine myself living in a little old tower in the south of italy in the countryside with a dog and getting up early to write on the veranda before the sun gets too hot. Oh yes, that sounds suitably romantic…

I spent part of yesterday during the storm, in my studio , in pisticci, looking out old used canvases, bits of canvas and an old frame in preparation for my creative endeavours. I may do some scavenging for wood and stones and material etc later.

However , when I decided to paint over several canvases with paint I had left over from fixing james s portraits I got so excited by the results that I might have to keep them after all……Though I might go off them again tomorrow….

So am posting photos of my colourful “work” and my pile of old canvases and frame which are ready to be turned into ….minimum.. something else.

Looking forward to starting for real.

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