Writing from the countryside.

It’s 6am and I am staying in a friends house in the countryside. It’s easier to stay over now that I don’t have my scooter any more.

I am in the most lovely room reached by a ladder in a very old tower. The walls are all made of brick including the vaulted ceiling. There is a lovely semi circular window in front of me and soon I should see the sun rising. If I got up I could see the sea in the distance. I’ve been lucky enough to stay here a lot this summer and also last year.

However today we should be going to the street market in a small town nearby and then I’ll return to my own house.

I have decided that doing 5 sketches a week plus writing a book is too much and might have been why I didn’t feel so great last week so am cutting down to 3 a week . Because I keep trying to improve its also taking me longer to do each one. This week am also starting a portrait commission.

Have just looked out jf the window and it’s gorgeous so better take a photo……

Have added the 3 sketches from last week. Thought i was particularly ambitious painting rain. Have never done that before. There is also a photo of the view from my door step 2 nights ago after the torrential rain and storms had gone. And one of a chocolate and banana cake I made because I was very proud of myself. The sunset is from the bedroom window where i am now and it’s much better in real life….so better post this and enjoy the morning. ….

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