Sun and more sun in Pisticci

February has been an amazing month. Hardly any rain and every morning waking up to sunshine flooding in the window. Its apparently not normal but then neither is the horrible weather the UK has been having so this not normal is preferable. I have been working on commissions, murals in my little artists house ( which ir now available to rent from 15th of march) and continuing to put images on as often as I can. Am trying out a series of watercolour bears now, but I still have a lot to learn about promoting my work. So far the coronavirus has not reached Basilicata as far as I am aware but it probably won’t do my renting prospects much good in the short term. Life in pisticci is good even without very much money though not renting my house because of the coronavirus means more months of living on the bare minimum ( relatively) and I had been hoping to get just a little better off. Apparently you can live on potatoes for months with no ill effects. ( just joking…sort of) However I am warm and enjoying the sunshine and am very pleased with the murals in my little house. Also decided to put art materials in and offer some art tuition if wanted. Sorry that there are no paragraphs in this , but every time I tried I seemed to start another post. I could spend years learning technology….but I don’t think I have the time. Nearly lunch time so will attempt to add photos……..

My little house for rent ( or sale €25000)
My newly decorated house for rent.
Looking towards the door.
New work on redbubble
More redbubble
Today from end of my street. Snow on the mountains.

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