Experimenting offline….in Pisticci.

Am sitting in a cafe …… and that was as far as I got writing this offline. Because I had forgotten that the lovely girl who works in the cafe had wanted a painting. So we talked about that while she cleaned cabinets and I will deliver one this week. I love being able to practice speaking Italian and so we chatted about the coronavirus and my book I am writing, because she always asks how it is going. We laughed when thinking what fun it would be if it became a film and was set in pisticci. ( There were no other customers as its busy earlier and later). Then I paid with some of the change from the big bag I found the other day . So that was all very nice and satisfactory. Next I headed for the farmacia to get paracetamols to fix my sore head. It wasn’t busy either so was enough time to chat there too and I came away with some free sample skincare products. It was a beautiful morning. It’s always nicer walking back home because it’s downhill. On the way I stopped at my other house, admired the murals and collected my ladder. Is perfect weather to climb a ladder and take photos. I have two commissions to do and I need a new view. So am using some photos from up a ladder outside my house. When I paint these certain things such as my wifi box thingy, cars and awkward things will be missing and I may move a few roofs. What a feeling of power! And I think there will be some climbing flowers in the foreground. Am sitting now in my nice yellow velvet armchair with my legs over the arm. The sun is shining in the window and that is me sorted with money for food next week, got a vague plan for at least one new painting and had my daily exercise and bit of socialising. How cool is that!! And strangely enough my headache is completely gone…..

From up a ladder looking towards terrevechia
Looking over the broken house.
View from my armchair

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