Not the best day staying at home in Pisticci.

I think it was a combination of things that caused me to feel a little unstable today.

I have a feeling that this is the dark before the dawn in Italy . The situation is awful up north and in Basilicata there are over 70 cases now. And getting nearer to Pisticci. Though there are none so far in Pisticci.

I probably should not have watched a short video of a spanish doctor crying while he described having to sedate patients over 65 and then hold their hands while they died as respirators were having to be given to younger people. I was relieved to know that in that situation ( I assume its the same in Italy) I would be sedated and not left. Having watched someone struggle to breathe for hours and hours I would definitely prefer to avoid that. And someone to hold your hand…….like I said I probably should not have watched it. I am angry though, at stupid arrogant and ignorant younger people who assuming they will not be much affected are presumably taking away the chance of life from people in my age range by not taking any thought for anyone but themselves.

Watching people in the UK act as if it’s no big deal is heart breaking and frustrating. I hope that somehow there is a miracle and this doesn’t happen to them..

Having read about dominic cummings allegedly saying something along the lines of “it didn’t matter if a few pensioners died for the sake of the economy”. I don’t think I have quoted that quite right but you’ ve probably read it. Thanks . People over 60 are people too.

And its mothers day. Which am used to spending on my own but it probably didn’t help.

However enough of the gloom.

I have finished my little greenhouse and my herbs are all tucked up nice and cosy to withstand -1 which is forecast for tonight. I have never had the time before to consider doing something like that. Who knows but that by the end of this period I will have more skills and achievements and …..who knows what else!

And finally my poor portrait got some attention and it is not finished but I think it might just be ok. Hurray!

Now its wine time and am considering watching the first episode of the 3d series of the Durrells. I loved the first 2 series and I have met one of the actors in this series.

So , am breathing a sigh of relief that this day is coming to an end. FORZA ANNE. ( I think that means ” go for it anne)

Cheers 🍷🍷🍷

Not the most elegant green house but hopefully it wont blow away
Getting better……

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