Saturday, day 13 staying at home in Pisticci

As usual its been a mixture of things happening and feeling up and down.

I started the day with some washing. It was about time. Today I think the machine didn’t leak. That was nice. I have a torch at hand so I can peer into the fireplace and see if water is seeping out the back . I have a cut off point where if it reaches that far I will get worried. Today no wet patch crept forwards.

It was a fairly good day again and warm enough to sit outside. I saw four people today. Three while I was sitting out. There was the not chatty man. ( said ciao) Then there was the man pasting up a death notice for the person who owns next door’s father. Also related to the lady upstairs. He had been ill for some time so I don’t think it was due to the virus. Then there was another neighbour who was watching the man put up the notice. We greeted each other. And finally I heard a noise a outside and a big black dog ran past the door, closely followed by its owner trying to catch it. I said” that’s a big dog ” as he passed. ( at least I think I did.) So I have had a relatively sociable day in the circumstances.

I am successfully avoiding my self portrait.

I have varnished my rose mural so it can rain now and have made a frame for a temporary green house to protect my little herbs from the snow that is forecast.

And I spent some time on the computer trying to download old black and white films incase the internet breaks with no success at all. I finally bought season 3 of “the durrells ” which has been down loading onto my phone all afternoon and despite me clearing it as much as possible there is not enough room for 8 episodes. Aaaaagh!!! I told my daughter today , who is having to get used to a half shutdown in Scotland that swearing helps a lot. Have been taking my own advice there.

Framework in place for my greenhouse.
There should be a photo of ted sitting in my other armchair so that I feel I have company.

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