Day 33 staying at home in Pisticci…..Easter Friday…no procession

I thought that I might treat today as a holiday. Maybe not such a good idea.

I was still a bit upset by the events of the previous evening. As far as I could tell , until now, people have been pretty much obeying the lockdown rules ..but not last night.

This is usually a big weekend here with probably the biggest procession of the year which would have taken place tonight. Last night the churches would all have been decorated and open to the public. None of that is happening.

I can hear the broadcast service from the chiesa madre as I sit in my house writing this. I wonder if it will go on all evening.

However I will pass over the non events of the morning other than to mention in passing that I have made a very basic periscope .

After lunch I decided that I needed to get hold of the day so I would restart it. I opened my laptop and did about 45 minutes writing, discovering in the process that it was not true that I could only concentrate before breakfast.

To follow that I started looking at artists self portraits online and spent an hour or so ” doing research”. I have difficulty believing that flicking through videos on youtube could really be research but I wanted to get some ideas.

It certainly cheered me up. I don’t know yet what I will do but I have a few thoughts now.

Today I didn’t look at the news on twitter or the number of new cases of the virus locally. It was a bit disturbing to realise that although I am managing ok it doesn’t take much to knock me off balance. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for people living by themselves and staying home in the UK when their neighbours think the rules don’t apply to them and carry on inviting people round and have parties.

This morning I checked how far the virus could travel in the air and how long it remained there.

Anyways its wine time again and I think I’ll shut the door so I cant hear people talking nearby.

I couldnt find my oldest self portraits which were very funny. But this is a selection of more recent ones.. None of which I think really look like me so I am hoping to do better.

Think this is at least 20 years old. (Pastels)
2013 I think. I like my arms.
I like my shirt in this one.
This is big . It doesnt look so like me but I painted it in one afternoon. I liked my shoes
Done with left over oil paints.
Charcoal. I like charcoal.
From last year. Painted from life.

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