Day 34 staying home in Pisticci……nothing to report

Thats a good start I suppose….saying basically nothing happened. I have found through experiemce that it is important to start where I am or I never get started.

I’m a bit distracted by the sound of voices right now and all day , of and on, there have been voices , which in normal circumstances would not be worth mentioning, but these days it makes me feel worried. Today there were 4 more cases of the virus. It doesn’t sound like many but every day there are more cases. And it wouldn’t take much for it to spread if people got complacent.

I can’t even read about the idiots in the UK where despite the enormous daily death toll ( higher than Italy one day at least) they are still acting like it’s some kind of joke. Perhaps emulating the PM who seemed to think it was ok to shake hands with infected people etc and now is apparently in good spirits and watching videos after presumably getting the best of care while his citizens are dying in their hundreds and getting as much care as is available….which is as much as doctors and nurses can do without enough resources.

So on to gardening , which is related, as I have rearranged my plants again to make it more unlikely that anyone will walk through them to the end of the street. ( making me feel safer.)I am thinking of them as a flower-block! It doesnt hurt that they are looking better every day. And today my first rose bloomed , the lavender is flowering, my five year old strawberry plants are flowering still after all this time and the carnations are starting to flower as well.

I haven’t had the stove on all day so far and the door has been open. I had breakfast outside and then sat with coffee and a book at my little bar. I am a bit fidgety but it was nicely warm and it felt good. I can picture myself sitting in the street a lot ……. but I never usually last more than 10 minutes.

I am lucky to have outdoor space though, as I was talking to friends up north and they have been in their flat with a small balcony for longer than I have been staying here. Even being inside with the door open is very pleasant.

I read a lot today and lay about . It felt like a day off. Friends sent me photos of themselves having special Easter meals . I more or less forgot about that. I might paint a sunflower tomorrow on the wall. It sounds like a cheerful thing to do as am not really into bunnies and easter eggs.

And hurray , it’s wine time. Another day done.

The flower-block.
These strawberries must be survivors because several times they have been abandoned for weeks at a time…. but they still come back.
I love lavender.

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