Day 32 staying home in Pisticci…1st painting done

I am very pleased that I have finished ( as much as a painting is ever finished.) and that I am happy with it. It feels like a tribute to my little house. I could have spent another week adjusting this and that but I decided that was enough for now. If I ever exhibit it I might feel that I should do a little more but as I like the parts that I spent least time on then it’s good I stopped now.

I suppose this would be a good time to explain a few things . When I began I thought that the armchair in the middle was the most important part of the painting because it was where I spend a lot of time. I wanted it to look comfortable and secure and somewhere you would want to be. If that had not worked then the rest would have been pointless. I delibrately added my laptop and glass of wine and all the other little items which meant something to me. The book on the table I bought in Parma and looking at the pictures in it helped me to sleep the first night James was so ill in Parma. The photo on the chest of drawers is of me and my sisters. I made sure Ted was on the other chair as he is my best imaginary friend, the wine bottle on the table was one I decorated when I stayed at a friend s house in the country and the paper in front of the photo are notes for my book. All these things add to making it my safe space.

But that is it done now and over the weekend I am planning to do some  research for my next painting. Before the stressful job stapling the next piece of canvas. !!!

Today I hung the painting and that led to me moving other paintings and on and on ,so the gallery/ summer bedroom is slightly tidier. I went to my other house to get my hoover so that I could clean up a bit but it wasn’t there. It was still in the dark space beside the fridge. Says a lot about my enthusiasm and effort I put into cleaning. Every time I have taken the brush and shovel out it was there in the dark, hiding. Its called Henry.

I have been thinking a lot about what I might do over the summer if it’s the case that most of Italy is still mostly locked down. As long as I have paint I can work. I have ordered more white paint online and if it arrives next week when it is supposed to then I might order some other colours. I chose an Italian company even though they didnt have my preferred paint as I thought there was more chance they would be delivered.

I also had a good idea to cheer myself up as going to the beach is probably not going to happen. I have a big white heavy sheet which would be perfect for painting the sea on…and a bit sand. I think I could make a sunbed from a metal bed frame out of my other house and I have a small beach umbrella. I have just to work out how to hang up the sheet. I wouldn’t maybe be popular if I painted the neighbours wall which would be the easiest option. ….

I am trying not to think about the situation in the UK . Am taking comfort from the fact that, in Scotland it is not as bad.

And now it’s wine time and tomorrow it’s a holiday …like that will make any difference! Over the weekend I have a sunflower to paint. That should be fun. And I still have 3 bags of olives….

Hung up beside the painting of the attic in my other house.
Moved some of my self portraits through into my workroom. Next big painting is supposed to be a self portrait. Hopefully better than these.

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