Day 6 of phase 2….. hurray it’s the weekend…

That is one part of my life that has changed since lockdown. Now I make the weekend a little different. Before I mostly tried to ignore it as there was nothing particular to do except maybe go out some saturday nights. But since every day has been the same it seemed important to make weekends stand out.

So I don’t write first thing in the morning at weekends..(.Though I have decided what I am going to write next week) I didn’t do yoga this morning. But I did sit outside having breakfast and listened to a bit of ” sounds of the sixties”. I had no particular plans , it was a beautiful morning and lovely to just sit and enjoy life and chocolate. And watch cats.

In nice relaxed mode I thought I would take a stroll up the red brick road. And I even decided to make a small effort and wear a different jacket …and matching mask.

There are so many wild flowers and at 9am the light is still good. I met 2 men with dogs and sat up by the castle for 10 minutes enjoying the freedom, fresh air and sunshine….and rest!.

It’s quite nice coming slowly back down the hill but wouldn’t like to be wearing slippy shoes or I could end up sliding down instead of walking.

It was soon 11am and I had been meaning to extend , with paint, the dark brown curved planks on the walls . So that is done now.

I don’t know where the time has gone as all I did this afternoon was make another mask and lay some more summer clothes away and then it was 4pm. .

It sounds like there is some serious cleaning going on next door. Rugs hanging out and a lot of brushing and banging . No cowbells or Church singing this afternoon. . I have 2 limping cats but that is the most curious thing I can think of today.

I think I am a little bit bored. But that’ll be because it’s the weekend.

If I was brave I would get my little barbecue out and have myself a barbecue. But I am not going to as I am not sure I can make it work. And my neighbour who is an expert might laugh. ( And no I am not asking him to help!!!)

Perhaps I should open one of my good bottles of wine , but I am always saving them for something special.

And have been saving a lot of programmes on my kindle fire for sometime special too.

Yup…. definitely bored!!!

Lovely sky this morning…..
Artistically framed photo on way up red brick road
View from the castle .
Made minty water…. no lemonade!
Painted wooden beams…… not 100% sure I like them. ( 100% sure it would take a lot of work to cover them up so I expect I will like them soon.)

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