Day 5 of phase 2….. had a lovely day

I think I might have been feeling a little lonely. So I had a “be nice to myself ” day. Sometimes I forget that just because I am lucky to have lovely weather , enough to eat, enough money to pay the bills, the ability to paint and a sense of humour that I am actually more alone than I have ever been in my whole life. Most of the time it’s not a problem but occasionally it occurs to me that this is forever….. or at least all this year …

I bet someone with lots of children and relatives to care for and a partner who is driving them nuts will be thinking ” you don’t know how lucky you are”. That’s how I look at it mostly. I don’t have all that going on. I am very good at ignoring the fact that a lot of people enjoy having people in their lives. And find it a bonus.

Anyways I have had a lovely day . And it was all by myself until 2 people came to my door ( while I was writing this) and we had a long conversation, all wearing masks, about painting and murals and I enjoyed that very much.

Have had an even lovelier day now.

So my day started with coffee at my bar and admiring my flowers, real and otherwise.

Followed by a bit of internet interaction with friends and a look at twitter.

Then a little read.

It was then I remembered that I was going to make masks this week and I had only made 2. Spent the next hour tidying out my sewing box so that I would get on quicker with the masks.🤔 Oh, and I found a bag of old clothes under the bed which is a whole bundle of more potential things to be made.

And then I sat at the table beside the open door and made 2 more masks and quite enjoyed myself. Now that I know what to do it’s more fun.

It must have taken me longer than I thought because then it was nearly time to start writing this ……and then my visitors arrived.

So now am not lonely any more. Its been a satisfactory week. I am learning more about the ” new normal” way of relating to people . I’ve got a vague idea for my next lot of work, a plan for the weekend. What more could anyone want.

And my new paint arrived. Hurray!!!!

As long as you dont look too closely at the sewing they are fine. I never really got past tacking in my sewing education…..
Coffee at my bar…..
Not quite monet’s garden but paintable…..
The arrival of these today made me very happy.

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