Day 7 of phase 2 … inspired

I have just watched a programe about David Hockney on youtube where he had painted 82 portraits and now I want to do that. I like painting portraits and if I had more confidence then I would paint more. But what was important about these paintings was that they were not commissions so they were how he wanted them and secondly they took 22 hours each to do and that was it. I am learning that if I wait till I have confidence then that might never happen so I need to organise something to make this happen soon.

It has been an interesting ( not boring) day today. I woke up feeling a bit sad so decided that it was important that I sorted myself out. After all I am my main resource. I need to keep myself in order to work .

Today I did do yoga. All 5 minutes of it. I couldn’t sit outside for coffee as it was dull and there was a cold wind blowing so I read twitter and ate chocolate inside.

I was wondering what photo I could put online this morning and went out and discovered that now that the wind had gone it was quite warm. It was then I saw all the strawberries. These strawberry plants are survivors. I think they are about 5 years old and still they have fruit. That was very cheering and delicious.

I had thought I would make some plans today so I got a big old white sheet out of the cupboard and pinned it to the fence at the end of the street. It will do. Next weekend if I have more white paint for mixing there will be a seaview at the end of via custoza.

I sat back down with my kindle outside and as I can never concentrate for long I thought I would arrange some more privacy by making my ivy climb up a bamboo pole. I have a feeling it prefers to hang , but it was worth a try.

After lunch I thought some reading was in order. Then I looked out some photos for another potential project and sent them off. I had decided that if I wrote my blog post an hour later then I might have more to write and I could have wine time an hour later and therefore make the evening last longer. Being self employed, solitary and not into cooking (.which would take up some time.) I need to plan things like this.

However just as I was starting to watch the David Hockney prog. a friend phoned and that was just what I needed. A friend who lives here and I have known for a long time. What a treat it was to chat to someone in similar circumstances and with the same opinions.

I like to believe that I don’t need people but I think that’s not true. Its just easier to pretend that I am better on my own because mostly I am on my own.

After that I had just got back to my prog. when someone shouted for me and now I have a commission due in 2 weeks of a view from the red brick road. Hurray!!

I thought maybe I should go check out this view , and get myself some exercise which was nice. I only went half way up , but at least I went out. And tried out my new mask.

Now it’s wine time. I have read a lot today about what might happen tonight ….. what new plans boris johnson may come up with. To say we are living in interesting times is an understatement. There are 3 new cases of the virus in Basilicata today and I think a whole town is being tested as an experiment to get information and also to see how it will work in the future to keep the virus contained.

Today am not bored……

There are not quite so many strawberries now…….
I think it will be very funny to have the beach at the end of the street…
Partial privacy….
View taken on my “half” walk

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