Day 9 of relative freedom in Pisticci. …..and a north wind did blow….

And blow and blow and is still blowing….

If you are out of the wind or it takes a rest for 5mins before blasting again , its quite warm. I have been inside all day mostly with the door shut.

I have some new work to do starting tomorrow. I am going to illustrate 2 signposts. I love working on different surfaces and in my years here I have painted on washboards, a wooden pizza shovel, painted 2 gnomes, a statue of the Madonna, a small figure for a nativity scene, an old piece of wood I found on a road , 2 cafe tables and my favourite up till now..a spider light fitting..( I painted eyes on it.)

I think it’s a privilege to be asked to work on various objects. I can relax as how can anyone be too particular when painting on a washboard. If I remember right I painted churches and views on them.

I don’t think the north wind agrees with me and so spent a lot of today reading apart from when I felt briefly energetic and went shopping . I should have written a list as I forgot catfood and the cats pass by , look at the empty dish and then give me that look. I might have to go back to the supermarket tomorrow ……

It makes me feel better to do at least one arty thing a day so I went outside and picked a strawberry. It was far too windy to sit outside and draw it. So I set it up inside. Maybe I think that drawing on a kindle is artificial enough so at least painting from life adds a little balance.

Now there are strawberries on bedcovers , throws, books , prints etc on

I am sitting on my nice old yellow velvet armchair writing this today. I have jazz playing on youtube and its pretty ok……even with the north wind..

While waiting for a friend spent the time whizzing round my gallery on my wheelie chair. Was bored!
Setting up to paint the strawberry on my phone.
First close up drawing of a strawberry I have ever done…..I have eaten it now.
Not 100% sure that anyone would want a strawberry bed cover…..but…
But I quite like the dress. …
This might work…..

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