10 days of relative freedom in Pisticci…..freedom to do what?

It appears that I am not the only person who is staying home and not taking up much of the freedom that is on offer. Apparently in several places the opposite is also happening where life has gone back to how it was before , crowds, kissing and being close.

I am going to wait and see what happens. And in the meantime only meet up with some ” safe” friends . It will not be much different from my previous life when I couldn’t afford to go out anyways.

Woke up at 4am again. Getting up at 5am makes for an awful long day.

However in an effort to wake myself up I went out for a walk in the sunshine and north wind. It was very energising as I strolled up the red brick road stopping to take photos every few metres. The poppies are all gone now that the commune strimmed them all. But they left the bigger plants. There is no way I could call that exercise .

I went for a little detour to the supermarket where I had a nice conversation about art and masks. It’s definitely getting better now when waiting in the queue. I am remembering to take off my sunglasses to talk to people as otherwise they can’t see my eyes …..and that’s all I have to smile with.

After getting another dirty look from the cat ….I remembered to buy cat food.

About lunch time I started my next commission which is to illustrate 2 signs. Am now ready to paint tomorrow.

Then it didn’t feel like a proper day without drawing something on my phone so I went right into the wildflower garden and picked a poppy. Am still feeling a bit twitchy as there were a lot of long grasses and insects.

It is still too cold to sit outside.,( dratted north wind. ) but it is sunny.

And I have managed to fill in the day from 5am…..must stay up later tonight……

Taken this morning on one of my frequent stops on the way up the red brick road.
Work in progress on cat signposts
Poppy drawn on my phone….because I can make it a big image whch I cant do on kindle.
Its like magic…..
More magic….
I like this a lot…

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