Day 8 of relative freedom in Pisticci….embarrassment could very well kill me…

I wasn’t going to write that, but if I don’t I won’t be able to get past it and write anything else.

I will be brief. The hardest part of social distancing for me is feeling so rude and unfriendly as I step away from people. Then it is wearing a mask when the other person isn’t and thinks I am a bit over dressed.

I am glad I am not going into town and mostly staying at home because it is possible that if I went into town I would be put in a situation where I would not do social distancing if I felt I was making the other person feel uncomfortable….. or lets face it , if I was the only person in a group wearing a mask I might well take mine off too and cross my obviously crossing ones fingers should have been on the list of things to do along with washing your hands.

Then there are sunglasses. And this is Italy . I can’t go out without wearing them. So I am masked with dark glasses. And as someone pointed out today when its hot in August wearing a mask is going to be hot.

James used to have an expression which he borrowed from somewhere. Might have been spike milligan.

“And suddenly nothing happened. ! “

Maybe that is the difficulty here. Hardly anyone in this area had the virus. But everyone stayed home and more or less obeyed the rules. And now that nothing much happened locally it’s hard to be careful.

I wonder what it will be like in Scotland when people are freed up a bit. I keep forgetting that I am a week or 2 ahead. And masks are not maybe the norm there. Here I am getting used to wearing one. And to be fair most of the people here are too.

That wasn’t terribly brief really!!

Anyways I had another 4am start. This morning. I quite enjoyed my new routine . ( changed to prove I was not a scaredy cat or set in my ways. ) So now it’s makeup first, writing 2nd, yoga 3d , breakfast next, followed by coffee and chocolate and messages to friends then twitter. Regimented…. not me!!!

This morning I was waiting for someone to come and talk to me about painting a mural in their house. That went well. It’s a lovely house and I had some ideas for what to paint. I had been a bit anxious about understanding and making myself understood but it all seemed to go ok and all done wearing masks.

I came home feeling good about that.

Next I decided that 3 commissions I had done before lockdown could be improved. So I spent several hours fixing them. I think my kindle painting is helping.

After that I sketched and coloured 2 ideas for murals which I will send via whatsapp later tonight. I am quite pleased with them . And felt very business like.

And now its winetime again. I am sitting outside where it is getting a little windy. Its been a very productive day……

New improved commission.
2nd improved commission.
And finally….
One of my best recent photos of the valley taken this morning with the sun coming through the clouds.


  1. All photos, beautiful! We have to wear our masks here in the US where I live. I hate them. Therefore I go very few places that need a mask. I am able to work from home right now. I appreciate it more than ever. Love your photos!

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