Freedom….. to learn new things and new ways. ..

Am back sitting on the doorstep with my glass of wine resting on stone James, p pondering…

Today I have been learning more new things. I’ve spent quite a lot of time watching Jonathan Yeo  paint and listening to him talking about his painting in the same sort of terms that I speak about mine.  I am talking about portraits mainly, as the other work I do is for my work as a painter.

I would like to paint people from life and in a style I chose. Maybe I will need to come up with a plan to do that . After all a carpenter çan work with wood and make things which work and look good. Or he can design something different with wood and it becomes a work of art.

So am pondering…..

My new piece of writing which am now doing ….I still haven’t reread the book I wrote incase I think it’s rubbish….. is going along in an interesting fashion. Maybe if I write 10 books I will think the 10th one is good enough….

More pondering…….

However, the nice thing is that I am enjoying it and it feels , to me, like I am creating something interesting that I would like to read. I want to know what happens next.

Today I went out to the farmacie and to meet a friend for coffee. It seems to me that less and less people are wearing masks. If we really are ok for the summer then that would be wonderful. I have just agreed to take part in an art competition in August. For all I know it might be the only thing happening .

I didn’t paint anything today.. not even on my kindle. But I have ordered 3 biggish stretched canvases, 10 portrait sized canvas boards, 2 colours of acrylic paint recommended for portraits and a pack of 10 brushes for painting detail. ( small brushes just don’t last with me.) As I got some unexpected birthday money I thought I would put it to good use. That felt good. I have now got about a dozen old bigger brushes soaking in soapy water so that I am well prepared for my next painting.

That will be a portrait of a little car. Am quite looking forward to starting that tomorrow as its all drawn and ready to paint.

It is very pleasant sitting here hidden on the doorstep. I bought another 4 litres of nice wine this morning from the little supermarket. So I can look forward to more time sitting here over the summer . I have some relaxing jazz playing on youtube and I won’t need to water the plants as it rained at lunch time.

Am well content right at this minute….

My doorstep with stone James.
The view from my doorstep…

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