Freedom …….to pay bills on a day with a T in it….

I went to pay the bill( after only putting it off for a week) but even though I was on time I was told to come back later ….and then to.leave my forms and come back another time. So I am half way there. I didn’t want to hang about as I had just got another commission to be completed by saturday. Therefore I needed to get to work as soon as possible.

On the plus side that means I get a walk up and down town again, helping with my lazy attitude to exercise.

Am still not sleeping very well and resorted to another episode of the ” Durrells” around 2am.

Mostly I worked on the new commission today. Its a copy of a painting by a famous artist . I think my exercises on my kindle may well help.. It is my first time doing this. So far it is going ok.

I have a friend coming for a glass of wine soon.

This has been a very sociable week .

Probably should have had a sleep.this afternoon…..yawn

. It’s windy and cloudy outside again There could be a storm later.

I read all of the article Jk Rowling wrote on her website this morning. I thought it was polite , kind, informed and neccessary. I agree with her . It makes me feel very sad that people are angry because she feels like that.

And now it’s wine time and my friend will be here soon.

Ted will need to move ………
My very messy palette

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