My little house for sale…..the details, photos etc

I thought I would start with photos .

The house is in the middle of the lower area which is called Dirupo . It takes less than 10 mins to walk to town centre.
View of some of the surrounding countryside. If you could see further left you would see the sea. ( its about 20 mins in a car)
This photo is taken from nearly the back of the house. Sorry its a bit dark but the light was so strong from the doorway.
This is the ” sopalco” or bedroom. ( I used this as my studio and spare bedroom when I lived here. It is high enough to do yoga in . )
Photo from the top of the stairs looking down on the kitchen area. There is cooker, fridge , washing machine and old trad sink there. The big old antique cupboard makes a great larder.
Photo taken from back corner . The shower room is behind the white wardrobe on the left of the doorway.
Photo taken from the left hand corner of room . Showing the pellet stove , fireplace and murals. ( they can be painted over) you can also see a bit of the brick arch at the back.
Looking towards the back of the house. That is a bed sofa. Most of the furniture and all the kitchen equipment can be included in the sale. It was all set up to rent before the virus arrived. ( when I lived there it was much more what I would call cosy with bookcases and rugs etc. )
I really like the fireplace, though it is closed as the stove is more convenient. And the exposed stone wall is like a historical document.
This is the view from the window upstairs over the roof tops and towards the sea.
This the kitchen. When I bought the house I had it renovated so that it would be dry and safe and rentable. So the roof was done. It was rewired. The shower room was put in. The plaster on all the walls was taken off and new plaster put on. The upstairs was put in. My intention was to rent it to people for a very reasonable price . It was never meant to be luxury but pretty , unusual, functional, and in a gorgeous setting. It worked . I met so many lovely people. But now I need the money to support me till I get a pension….and so I can paint what I like.
It is a cul de sac so no cars in front of the door. You can park nearby. There is room for a table and 2 chairs outside with an umbrella. I used to have lots of flowers . The neighbours are lovely. Processions go past the bottom of the steps.
The shower room is small but functional. I was aiming for easily cleaned and it was all I could afford at the time.

I have written quite a lot of information along with the photos.

The nearest airports are Bari or Brindisi. Under 2 hours away. There are various ways to get here. I have tried most of them .

It would be better if you had a car when living or visiting here. I don’t and I manage but I am used to the public transport and trains. The railway station is about 10 minutes in a car from the town.

Matera is about 45 minutes away. Rome is about 6 hours on a train. ( lovely journey)

There are several pizzerias in town and a very nice restaurant only minutes away.

There are 2 reasonable sized supermarkets , one walking distance and lots of little shops, butchers, bakers etc.

Basilicata is beautiful and varied and so far unspoiled. Many people have said that it is a little like going back in time to a friendlier and more relaxed way of life. ( but with WIFI)

Pisticci is special. The people are lovely. A local man once said to me that if you come to Pisticci you won’t ever want to leave. This is what I have found .

I live in a street nearby . I have now lived here for about 16 years. I still love it. Every day I am grateful to be here.

I forgot to say that the price is €25000.

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