Summer in Pisticci….. might be getting better at Sundays…..

I’ve just had another instance of my phone playing a video for no reason. I was just about to turn on some jazz on youtube when I heard the music of James’s video and there he was on the beach and then singing Karaoke in the bar and finally laughing in the corsa. I suppose it’s relevant though accidental as he is the reason Sundays have been a bit flat.

When he was here , then, even when we had fallen out , one of us would phone and say” Truce, lets go to the Esso”. He would pick me up and we might go for a coffee at the painted village , then a walk on the beach and finally we would go to the restaurant at the Esso garage and there was not even once that we had a bad time there. The staff were lovely. The food was good and the only problem was deciding what to eat.

In the years before that we would be at an antiques market most Sundays, setting up at 7am and then often eating there before we came home in the afternoon.

I never had to think about what to do on a Sunday.

But the last few Sundays have been better and I have enjoyed them by myself.

Today I spent the first 2 hours making up a blog post about my little house for sale. I am pleased with the result. It’s a good introduction and I can always answer any other questions if someone is interested.

Then most of the rest of the day I worked on my second still life and enjoyed it. Its not a commission and I painted it how I wanted. I really like it. I have one more in mind. ( I had 3 canvases the same size.)

I have put 2 more paintings of Pisticci in this one.

I didn’t finish until around 6 and then watered the flowers while also drinking the wine from the wine glass in the painting. I did try red coloured water the first time but it didn’t look right.

So wine time has already started…….

Working from life in my gallery/bedroom
More or less finished…
Bit of a heat haze tonight.

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