Summer in Pisticci……waiting for a storm…

Last night there was supposed to be a storm so I didn’t  water the flowers. There was no storm. Tonight I thought I had better water the flowers even though there is supposed to be a storm . It has been a lovely warm day.

This morning I signed up for a free trial of shutterstock so that I could legally use the image of the 3 smiley ladies. What a treat it is to work from a good quality photo where it is possible to see all the details. 

As I was meeting a friend for coffee today I thought that before my sandals break in half maybe I should look for a new pair. I bought these in the chinese shop for €10 and wore them for about 8 months constantly so I think I got a lot more than €10 worth out of them. They are also really comfortable. I like going in the chinese shop because the girl who works there is lovely. I told her I was looking  for sandals and she immediately said ” that is a 41.” I don’t   like having big feet, but I do like that she remembered. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly there were none in my size.. She said there would be more on Monday. In the meantime unless anyone looks closely it is impossible to tell that they are cracked across  the middle.  And they feel ok.

Next , after I paid my electric bill ( €18 for 2 months……I pay more than twice that for my other house even though I don’t use any!)

There was my big painting with the portrait out in the street looking very nice. Had to stop and take a photo.

The remainder of today I have spent  working on the 3 smiley ladies . I am hoping to finish it tomorrow and then start my next still life.

I can hear thunder in the distance and the wind is getting stronger. It has been nice sitting outside. Because I watered my flowers it is almost certain to rain……

But it’s friday and wine time . I have a new series of books on my kindle and fish fingers in the fridge. And I am drinking the good wine tonight. Have just had to retreat indoors as the wind is now much stronger. …….

Still a work in progress.
This morning in town…

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