Summer in Pisticci……can’t believe it’s half way through July…

It has been such a strange year that I think it felt like time stood still when we were locked down , maybe because every day was more or less the same. And now its well into summer …

I had a lot of plans which are not exactly happening. I should have been on my way to Tuscany for a few days if life had been normal.

Friends would have been here. My little house would have been rented out. I might have actually completed lots of small watercolours of Pisticci to sell to tourists.

I decided not to rent my little house because we are virus free here and the only people who have tested positive in the last weeks have been visiting from outside the area.

I don’t know if any tourists will come here. Maybe Italians.

Anyways it is not exactly bad, just different.

What is bothering me today is that I got a gift of 4 new small canvases and I thought that I should paint more Pisticci paintings and I just can’t do it. I have already painted 4 recently and I need a different take on Pisticci. There are lots of painting opportunities, but frankly I have covered most of them . Now I want to do something different….but commercial. Hopefully I will be inspired soon.

I spent most of today working on my triple portrait of smiley women. It is more or less finished unless I change the background. It is just that I had a vague plan for it to be wild and amazing …..and well… it’s not. It is however well enough done but not commercial… I have now spent at least 2 weeks on free work and I can’t face the ” little white houses”.

Tomorrow I have another still life to do . They are probably not very sellable here despite me including paintings of Pisticci in them all and as many local objects as possible. But I have loved painting them . I am pleased with the results and looking forward to painting the last one. ( for now)

It is a little hot and dull outside now. I was going to sit outside to write this but got distracted and came inside.

Tonight I might watch one of the films I bought on google for emergencies during the lockdown. ( there weren’t any ) I have some olives and have returned to eating fish fingers.

My energy peanut butter , oats and sultana balls are disappearing fast.

I would love a packet of maltesers tonight, but that is not going to happen….. but I do have chocolate in the fridge and chocolate cake in the freezer. …….and frozen forest fruit berries……and the good wine…..

Maybe I should change the saucer….but I like to think at least it is original. I like the lady with the red hat best.
Should have been sitting out here…..maybe later.

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