Summer in Pisticci……now where did that come from….

I have felt strangely energetic today. Strangely as in bouncing from one job to the next is not me , but today was different …

Started with shopping, followed by the big painting including portrait being collected. That led to thinking about a subject for an exhibition next week . Then because I am ” stockpiling ” stuff incase we are locked down again in the winter I ordered a roll of canvas and 5 canvases on stretchers. Also 2 packs of small brushes for detail. So now I have lots of canvas and brushes and 2 boxes of hairdye…..but no food or extra toilet rolls etc.

After that I thought I should clean my brushes and throw out all the little ones that are ruined. ( notice I didn’t say I ruined them …..though I might have when I tried to scrape up the last of the paint with them. )

That led to cleaning my palette which led to undercoating the next canvas for a still life with the left over paint. ( I also re organised the still life this morning.)

After lunch I thought about having a little read, but I got bored after 5 minutes so checked out ideas for the exhibition. I found almost exactly what I wanted as reference. And then I thought I may as well draw it out.

After that I was going to have a little lie down but , having undercoated the ex. canvas I was curious to see what I could do. So I started that.

Around 4pm I got tired and thought I could either have a sleep or make some energy things .( little balls made of peanut butter, sultanas and porage oats) They are in the fridge now as they don’t need cooking.

Energised again I worked for another hour and a half …..

And now it’s wine time. Hurray!!

This was the portrait I had all the trouble with. The background is from an old print I was given and I had to change the person.
Work in progress….
Energy thingies……

One comment

  1. I really like the first portrait,nice expression on the baker lady.
    I have found if you write down your rhythms (energy, lethargy) it helps to know what is coming. Pretty regular ups and downs, assuming you eat right, exercise, etc. You know that!

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