Summer in Pisticci….. will not be making tequila….

Out of curiosity I watched a youtube video.on how to make tequila….as I have an agave plant ( not an aloe vera) It looks much too complicated but I can understand now why I couldn’t dig mine out when I wanted rid of it a few years ago. I don’t think I have ever tasted tequila so am not too upset.

This morning I went out and I bought a saw and angle thingy from my favourite hardware store in Pisticci. I had a nice chat to a nun while I was waiting as I am now not scared of nuns. She was very nice. I explained what I wanted to the nice hardware man and he understood straight away. We have come so far since he used to look like ” oh no , it’s her again!!!”. Considering I often didn’t know exactly what I wanted and had not the vocabulary for tools in english far less Italian it was amazing that so often I got what I needed. Quite often I was using something for a different purpose than it was designed for which further complicated matters. However today was brilliant…..apart from the fact that I completely forgot to buy any wood to make the stretchers. But I am started. And my canvas roll arrived today. So maybe by the end of the week…….😀😀

On the way to the hardware shop I stopped and took a few photos so now I have drawn and put an undercoat on 4 more canvases. That should keep me occupied this week. I will try and paint them with a bit more enthusiasm even though they do include quite a few little white houses. I ‘ve given them all a turquoise undercoat so that might jazz them up a bit. One of them is a completely new view , 2 are old favourites and the last one is my doorway looking all romantic.

And that was more or less it for today. I do seem to be slipping back into old workaholic ways but if there are any tourists to sell to then they will be here next month so may as well go for it.

The little cat came in twice today to have something to eat. I feel quite honoured.

It has been really nice to have people liking my blog. I like that I have some people to tell how my day went. Sometimes it even makes me go out and do something just so I have something to write about. Thank you. 😀

Wine time again. It’s a lovely evening. May even sit on the doorstep for a while and talk to stone James…..

Will not be painting these cars….artistic licence is a wonderful thing.
All ready to begin…..
Romantic view of my door…looking forward to painting this.
New tools……that is a very big saw !!!

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