Summer in Pisticci…..another satisfactory Sunday…..

Lay in bed and wrote plans for next week and didn’t  get up until 7am. I like making plans. It doesn’t  mean I will stick to them but at least there is some structure to my week.

One of my plans was to go to my other house and solve the problem of the large flowerpot which is being used as a cat’s toilet and ashtray. It’s too heavy to move by myself and besides it hides the plastering I did on my wall. I’ve noticed that my plastering lasts well but looks horrible. I have tried to get a nice smooth finish like the experts but can’t  do it.

I had been thinking about this problem for a while and as it wasn’t  too hot this morning I decided just to go for it. So I got a pair of scissors and cut the ends off my aloe vera cactus plant….. a wicked brute but too big for me to pull out. Then I picked a white pot full of a flower that I am not too fond of  and set of with a bag of cactus points and my digger thing.

According to youtube the aloe vera points will grow and the flowerpot takes up the rest of the space. I just need to remember to water it.

That was very satisfactory. It took about 15 minutes and I have been putting off doing it for weeks.

Next I put masking tape round all my new canvases. Still don’t  know what to paint on them.

And then I started my 3d still life. This one had a light turquoise base coat. I am trying to make them all different and this works. Painting that took until about 4pm and I only stopped for lunch. I am more pleased with this than the smiley ladies portrait. I actually enjoy painting these still lives. It’s fun. None of them are perfect, but that is what I like about them . I think they have some life.

And now I am all tidied up and drinking the wine that was in the wine glass in the painting. ( I poured it in at the end of the painting and it only took a few minutes to paint )

I suppose it was a ” worky” sort of day but when I am painting something I like it doesn’t feel like work.

It looks like another hot week to come . Am thinking of buying the most basic equipment to make stretchers . Wouldn’t it be amazing if by the end of the week I had made my first stretcher.

Maybe Sundays are not such bad days after all.. . ….🍷🍷

The beginning
Finally…… its a little like magic I think
That should discourage cats……


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