Summer in Pisticci……hot and busy……

Am sitting here tonight later than usual trying to keep my eyes open. I never know when I am going to have a bad night’s sleep. last night was one of them. I dreamed I was being menaced by my ex mother in law in my grandmother’s house. That didn’t help.

I thought that I might as well go food shopping this morning and get it over with. ( was out of fish fingers…)

There is something nice about having supplies and not having to go out again unless I want to.

So I worked on the 2nd Pisticci painting in between taking delivery of 5 new canvases and selling 2 paintings.

I think I am more or less finished it. Only the 2 smaller ones to go.

Tonight am hoping for no menacing mother in law in my dreams.

I read about the group of people who have all tested positive for the virus in Basilicata (.from outside the region.) And now I have what looks like the official Italian app which will tell me if I have been in contact with anyone with the virus.

Finally I am looking forward to a glass of wine and something new on youtube. There is something on in town tonight but am not keen to be part of a crowd .


Not quite sure about this yet…..
On the way to the supermarket…….

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