Summer in Pisticci…..the very busy day…

It started at about ten to six when I woke up , having missed my alarm going off at 5.30am. I have never done that before. I had plenty time anyways, but today would be my first bus trip since February and I was a little nervous. I should say that I have been getting scottish ( strict covid rules) and Italian ( a bit relaxed) muddled up. To be fair no one who lives here has caught the virus for about 2 months.

I set out to walk to the bus station which is about 20 minutes walk from my house. On the way I stopped in at a cafe to buy my tickets. As usual I was way too early.

However eventually the bus arrived driven by my favourite driver. ( I painted him.) It looked like all the beach people were coming on the normal bus too. I was really happy to see that every second seat was blocked off and most people put their masks on. It was very reassuring and no bother at all. I don’t think people have had a problem with wearing masks here. ( there are photos circulating on facebook of people in 1918 wearing face coverings so maybe that helps. )

I was going to Marconia to post a painting . The first place I went to didn’t deliver to this particular country. The second place, recommended by the first was closed , but the 3d place took my parcel and with no bother at all.

By then I had missed the first bus back.

So off I went to the hardware store to buy more paint. It was quite an expensive day!! And I have to go back to collect a tool I ordered with much difficulty as I didn’t even know what it was called in english. This is how life here is a constant adventure. I also met someone in the shop who voted for my painting. ( I think the tool might be a plane.) I recognised it when we found it in a catalogue. People are very kind.

After that I had about an hour to wait for the next bus. I decided to go in the chinese shop and bought more paint , toothpaste and some modelling clay as a treat. Some of the paint sold there is reasonable quality .( as in covers well) I had already bought a tin of white acrylic wall paint in the hardware shop which is “goodish” and means I can save my more expensive paint for highlights.

There is no shade at the bus stop so I treated myself to a cappuccino con latte di soya. I didn’t even have to ask because the girl remembered me. . That is so nice.

And when I arrived at the bus stop the bus was waiting . So no hanging about in 36C.

I took the little bus up town and got dropped off at the cafe where I was meeting a friend. Perfect.!

After a short trip in the car to Anna maria’s supermarket. ( a lovely experience, personal service by Anna Maria who is the only staff and has good wine.) I staggered up the steps clutching all my purchases very satisfied!

This afternoon I fixed a few things and added some highlights to my latest painting, wrote three emails , checked my bank account ( very stressful task) and now after trying to take more photos as have prepared 3 more canvases I am done.

Wine time……..🍷🍷🍷

Might paint this but not sure…..
Show offy photo of me and the second prize winner at the exhibition. She is the very pretty girl I had so much trouble painting. I can’t believe that it has taken me till am 65 to be happy with how I look. ( for those reading this who are not on twitter)

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