Summer in Pisticci…. what a nice day…..

I think I might be a little shallow. Today when I went to collect my painting from the exhibition I was shown the very extravagantly beautiful trophy that I will receive at the prize giving at the next exhibition in August. In the Piazza.

I was smiling from ear to ear, under my mask. ( obviously I hadn’t missed anything after all.) The lovely organiser had even kindly attached a poem beside my painting which gave more meaning to my painting. I got my photo taken by the painting along with the second prize winner and walked proudly home clutching the card with 3d post and the number of votes. ( still smiling now😀😀😀)

Who was I kidding when I persuaded myself all that sort of thing didn’t matter.

I went back to the doctor this morning after fixing a small painting. At the last minute I put my stylus in my bag. When I got there , there were only 2 people waiting. There is no apparent time limit for an appointment so I got my stylus out and thought I would draw the 3 paintings and 3 chairs facing me. I was quite enjoying it when the first person was taken and then 5 minutes later the second. When it was my turn I was still putting my phone back in my bag and trying not to drop my glasses. Left feeling very satisfied and clutching my prescription . I always think that the person who comes after me must think kindly of me as I am only 2 minutes in and out. ( I have in the past felt less than kindly disposed towards someone who has taken up 45 minutes.)

Back home and I got to work on my newest painting. It is looking good. Tomorrow I plan to finish it off with some highlights and fix some small details.

And then I wrapped up the painting which am hoping to post to overseas tomorrow. I knew there was a good reason for not putting all my cardboard out to the bin.

Now after watering the flowers it’s wine time. ( not liking wine seems to have been temporary.)

Nearly finished…..
Drawing at the docs……..didnt get very far.


  1. The blog is going well and I’m enjoying it more than the short bits on Twitter. I. must say your paintings are really developing well and it’s no wonder you were 3rd place. (You should be proud) This painting, above, is lovely and will be even more so when finished. Thank you for blogging about your thoughts as well as the basic facts of what’s happening.

  2. Also Anne, I’ve just realised you said, ‘posting overseas’ If you DM on Twitter with some pricing for your new works I might be able to buy something from you.

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