Summer in Pisticci……Pisticcese by adoption…..

That is how I was described in an article about the prize winners in the recent exhibition. Am so happy to be described in that way. Am still smiling . Feels good to belong.

It has been another full day. This is a good thing as the more paintings I have available for sale …the better it is.

After waking up before 6am I actually felt like going out for a walk to take photos. This is not normal for me. So I did and it was lovely. The light was pretty, I found the cows and there was nobody about as I strolled around .Pisticci really is pretty ……

Having got going I thought I may as well go shopping……ran out of fish fingers again.

But I was started work on 3 new paintings by 9.30am.

I am getting a bit more confident about changing things a little to suit myself so I moved the chiesa madre ( mother church) today ….twice !!!

What power!! Being someone who is a bit pedantic and literal it is not easy to paint something that is not how it is. So I consoled myself by considering if I had been sitting on the roof of a building halfway along the street then that might have been the view I would see……maybe….

I ‘ve drawn scenes on 3 30x40cm canvases today and then undercoated them with a turquoisey wash as that is my new ” thing”. It bleeds slightly under the masking tape at the sides and when the painting is finished and the tape is removed it leaves a sort of arty glow at the edge… sort of……I just like it. 🤔

It is quite hot now. This week there is supposed to be a heatwave…. temperatures around 40C. It is nearly 30C inside.

Wine time is slightly less appealing today. …

I keep meaning to be organised and put water with some mint leaves in the fridge but am always doing something else first.

Am watching an old series on youtube from the 90s called Anna Lee. I keep thinking I should sit outside with a glass of wine and enjoy the evening ….but after 5minutes I am bored. After all day keeping myself going I just want to be entertained. Maybe next month…….

I drew this scene. Hardly moved the church at all
Drew this scene and moved the wall under the church so more church less wall.
Just moved a few flowerpots in this scene.
Next step is to redraw more accurately with paint.
This is my little house for sale. Although it is in the middle the houses in front are lower and when you stand at the door you look over the rooftops towards the sea.


  1. I enjoy reading your posts. I was delighted to see how you start your art work. Thank you for sharing.

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