Summer in Pisticci….the 1st of August

It was lovely to be woken up at 6am by fireworks and my first thought was , ” Hurray….August must be happening after alll”. It was then followed by lots of church bells and then a brass band marching round the streets. What with the sun shining ,blue skies and it being Saturday it would have been difficult not to feel just a little excited. It even looked like some of the younger people had camped outside up by the castle to welcome the dawn of the holidays.

I had a painting to finish which I thought would take me till lunch time but it was done by 9.30am.

And now I didn’t have a plan. ( I like having plans.) Putting on my sandals to go outside I had noticed that now the top layer was beginning to crack. So I thought I couldn’t 3put off buying another pair any longer. Off I went in hope and desperation. I ended up buying a lovely pair of sandals witb lots of pearls and sparkle, a size smaller than normal…but they more or less fit. They had a strap that goes between your toes and I optimistically thought that I would soon get used to that. OUCH, OUCH, OUCH. I got half way down the street and had to put my old sandals on again. Ah but when I got home I thought I would wrap some elastoplast round the bit between my toes. After doing that and sticking another plaster between my toes and wearing them round the house all day I have progressed to Ouch, ouch , ouch and have found an old pair of shoes to wear to go out tonight. They may take some ” wearing in”.

Just about lunch time there was a knock at the door and there was a man with a clipboard and a badge and forms. I eventually shut the door in his face while he was in mid sentence. It was something to do with electricity and I think it was a bit of a con. Anyways he was so pushy that I felt safer shutting him out. I did try saying no but he didn’t really listen. I am definitely getting better at being rude back.

It has been thundery again this afternoon and I had a small glass of wine so that I might fall asleep or at least relax. After completing 4 paintings this week it seems important to have some time off. Am not very good at time off.

But now thank goodness it is nearly wine time and have made some plans for tomorrow and next week.( I dont actually have to do them , I just need the security of having something to do .) May be attempting to make my first stretchers tomorrow.

Happy August.!

Fireworks at dawn…..
Was trying to paint sunlight here. Worked a little bit.

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