Summer in Pisticci……hot and stormy…..

There has been thunder and some rain for the past hour after another very hot day. It is quite nice to be cool but to be honest in my house with only a fan in each room I am quite comfortable.

Today I have mostly painted. I started around 8 this morning and finished about 5.30pm. That was a long day. It would have been good to have finished all 4 paintings by tonight, but I couldn’t do it. However if I work till lunch time tomorrow that will be 4 to replace the ones I sold last week.

And then next week I plan to paint at least another 2 plus have a go at making stretchers…….maybe…….

I have mostly enjoyed painting these four. Its interesting ( at least to me ) to find something special to bring out in each one. Not that I’m always successful but it makes a difference.

Am glad it’s friday…..and tomorrow it’ll be August. Cheers 🍷🍷🍷

Finished this at lunch time. Plan was to bring out as many colours as possible as it was a bit of a gloomy scene. ( no flowers to cheer things up )
This is a work in progress…. I want to paint the light in this . ( lots of flowers in this one.)


    • Yes. I need the colours to make the occasional bit of white stand out. Also there are nothing but white walls here so i have been looking for colours in them. Sometimes in real life the shadows are bright blue.

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