Summer in Pisticci…..sombre sunday

There is no point in trying to write about anything else when I have something on my mind. And today I am a bit sad because a person on twitter , who I have never met is very ill.

I started on twitter about 8 years ago after reading a marketing book which said I should. I very soon discovered that I was not at all interested in marketing but that I did meet “online ” a lot of people I liked and had things in common with. I got bored reading adverts for peoples work. Even when it was interesting or even excellent. And gradually over the years I picked up “friends” who I have stuck with. They were all writing / tweeting about their lives ( and that might include work ) but it was like getting to know what they were doing and what they felt about stuff. Gradually I felt like part of a community .

I remember tweeting one time that I was about to go out on my own to a club in Pisticci and even before I left the house 3 people had tweeted ” go for it” or similar encouragement. I walked up town with a spring in my step because of 3 strangers.

This particular friend has made me laugh and think about life and try new things . She messaged me when I was having a really hard time . It meant a lot. I watched as her life went up and down and admire the way she has dealt with all the difficulties including her big daft dog.

Most of all I admire her courage in being honest about how her life is right now.

That is why I am writing this because it seems that honesty breeds courage . I am not sure how to explain this to myself , but knowing that someone else can admit to being scared , but write unsentimentally and with humour about life makes me feel braver …and for that I am grateful.

I have spent today painting a landscape of the calanche which surround Pisticci. I plan on calling it the cows on the calanche …..but have actually forgotten to paint the cows. ( am not certain that I can paint cows anyways.)

It has been very hot today but I think from tomorrow the temperature seems to be dropping.

I am still with orange legs which I am attempting to tone down but am convinced that thanks to the virus no one will ever be near enough to see the variations in colour.

I thought I would put the stages of this painting on here. I couldn’t ever teach how to paint as I seem to do most things experimentally. But if anyone is encouraged to have a go because even though it looks like a mess …it can get better. ( I am constantly amazed by this process.) πŸ˜€

It is wine time now and I am sending my best wishes to my friend in hospital. Cheers ….and more 🍷🍷🍷

Nearly finished but needs cows….
Bit of a mess…..needs faith
First rough drawing…..dont know if I can do this…..

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