Summer in Pisticci. ….ferragosto

Nothing happened all day long. There should have been processions and brass bands and crowds and market stalls and wonderful illuminations.

It was a very boring day. I imagine everyone was at the beach.

I had a sore neck. Must not put the fan behind  me.

Everything happened in the evening. It was to be the prizegiving for the art competition which was being held outside. Then it rained.

Luckily It stopped again after about 20 minutes and I set off to the piazza. It was fun. The usual person won , there was lots of speaking and clapping and everyone got something to take away.  I got a trophy, 2 certificates, a medal and a sunflower. And a lot of really good advice from another  artist. I am definitely going to buy some other colours.

After a brief interlude , eating a hamburger panini and watching people go by I am now home.

Tonight I am sitting on the doorstep with a glass of wine sat on stone James. I can hear a lot of young people shouting a cheering nearby but can’t see them.

Just before coming home I went up to the little church and sat on the bench looking out over Pisticci. Someone was playing the piano in the chiesa madre and it was beautiful.

On a day when so much was missing it was special.

It looks like people who have been away will now be coming back to Pisticci. And life could fall into its normal pattern , but I don’t want that anymore… .time to get going……not leaving …just going further into life here. ( Its not as if I could go anywhere anyways …)

Sitting on the doorstep.
My trophy etc.
View over Pisticci….

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