Summer in Pisticci….graffiti ….and gratitude

I have never liked graffiti and today when I took a quick look at my big outdoor mural I liked it even less as some people or person had used a green spray to write things like ” fuck police ” and various other things all over it. I was a bit shocked. The actual wall that it is painted on was not the best surface and as it was also south facing the colours were fading. But I liked to believe it looked like it had been there for 50 years and not 4.

I came home and decided to put a photo on facebook as I was both angry and sad that some idiot had done this. I am not so good at sticking up for myself , but someone had drawn all over my art work. I would get over it , but I would not pretend it didn’t happen .

It was heart warming the amount of comments people put on facebook . Graffiti happens so I was not alone but it was nice to have so much consolation.

However tonight I went to the art competition and helped a little bit to set up in the piazza. It was good to feel part of something.

Then someone mentioned the graffiti and before I knew it there was talk of organising a clean up and repair and even additions as everyone would come and help and it would be better than before.

I am so happy and grateful and surprised. I was glad of all the kindness online but I never expected people to offer to help to fix it.

This week has been a strange time and I have been wondering how I will manage.

Now I feel like this might be the beginning of something new. And I want it.

On my way home tonight……
In the piazza tonight. Voting for paintings.
Graffiti on my painted street….

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