Summer in Pisticci…..keeping occupied..

Being Sunday again …..

I got off to a good start by deciding to take one of my favourite paintings to the cafe where I have a “spot”.

And as it looked like another hot day, then I marched up the street carrying it about 8am. Cafes are open early here. Frankly I wasn’t expecting anyone to like it, but as a lot of my canvases are a bit warped in the heat and I have “gone off” a lot of my other paintings then this one had a very sturdy stretcher and I still liked it. So that was that.

I was very pleased when 2 people in the cafe liked it and I decided to explain the objects in it in relation to Pisticci. I think it is probably too expensive for a cafe painting as I would like €150 for it , but at least it looks really good in situ.

After that I had no particular plans.

I hate having no particular plans. It’s like having a big empty space to fill and nothing to put in it. ( yesterday was particularly difficult as there was no wifi most of the day so I couldn’t even watch art videos.)

However I thought I would try to lighten and brighten an older painting…..not sure if it is much better.

Then I ordered more paint, lipstick and hair colour on the internet. Am stockpiling incase of another lockdown.

After some more lying about reading I have really gone off the heroine in this book. She continually does the same stupid things and needs rescued.

Looking around for something else to fill the day I saw the last of the drawings I had done on my own stretched canvas, but assumed no one but me would like it . I thought I might as well use up my old paint and I quite like the result.

Now I am sitting outside writing this and there is a lovely breeze blowing. It’s nice to be cool.

I hope the cricket that jumped onto my shoulder in my house earlier is enjoying the breeze too. I managed to catch it in a pot and return it to ” the wild”. I got quite a fright.!

It is nice to sit out here with a glass of wine. I think I am going to have to re organise my life ( again) . Am having too much solitude , but old ways and old friends are not possible to maintain as before. Not sure how I will solve this. Will see……

In the cafe now.
A little corner in Pisticci.
My unwelcome visitor back in the wild…..

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