Summer in Pisticci…. the yellow helicopter…

Was sitting outside where there is a nice breeze blowing when the yellow helicopter flew overhead. You would think that a nice bright yellow helicopter would be a fun sort of thing. But it’s not. It is the emergency helicopter which takes seriously  ill people to hospital. James was taken to Potenza in it when he came off his scooter. Everytime I see it I feel a bit sick. Somebody in Pisticci  is in a bad way or there would have been an ambulance. I stood on a chair and watched it land near the tennis courts. I expect I’ll hear it take off again before I finish writing this.

However today was a very busy day. My challenging new commission took nearly 3 hours this morning to work out. I needed reference photos from the internet and did a lot of drawing. The funniest bit about that was I misunderstood  the musical instrument which was to be included. Luckily when I sent a sketch to the client he pointed this out.

I can hear an ambulance  now.

Having fixed that little problem I set to making the stretchers for the canvas. It is the biggest one I have attempted so far. 60×80cms. It went ok and I learned some more things I should and shouldn’t do. I think I need stronger wood if I want to make any bigger sizes. But it is looking good.

Following that I thought I had better draw my other commission. That took about an hour and it is ready to paint now.

I normally find an excuse not to go out in the  late afternoon , but my wifi bill needed paying . Clutching my bottle of fortified water I went off up town. Even at 5pm it is still hot.

On the way I met the priest who invited me to go to his church. He speaks english.

Also tourists asked me directions. But didn’t  listen to what I said as they could tell I was not Italian. They probably thought I was a tourist.

Then I saw that the painter of pisticci exhibition was opening so I had a proper look round. There is some really good work. I wish I had tried harder.  It is past time that I found my  own way in painting. Theoretically if I get a pension next year.( and who knows what might happen) then my plan is to only paint what I like and be very discriminating about which commissions I do. Or if I sell my other house that would help.

I haven’t heard the helicopter taking off again yet.

Someone has a horse nearby. Sometimes I see them taking it out. I haven’t heard the donkey for a while but I can hear the cowbells. It’s  very pleasantly rural here. 

Having eaten my 3 tomatoes which ripened today  I may go inside . Probably fish fingers on the menu tonight. ……think I will sit on the doorstep when it’s  dark. 

Helicopter leaving now ……

Latest canvas..think its the photo that makes it look curved at the top. I sincerely hope so !!
The helicopter is a tiny yellow blob on the right of the light post., just above the trees.

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