Summer in Pisticci….coffee and wine.

I started the day with probably a triple espresso . I have a little coffee maker which goes on the stove. Sometimes I dream of an electric thingy with capsules, but there is something satisfying about making my own and listening for when it’s ready.

I wasn’t a particularly great coffee drinker till I came to Italy , but now I wouldn’t like to be without it.

Also coffee drinking in a bar here is a completely different experience When we arrived here 15 years ago there were hardly any tables as everyone just stood at the bar. Chatted briefly, drank their coffee and left. It wasn’t unusual for someone to have a whisky or other spirit at the same time. ( But that was it…only one.)

And I have been bought so many coffees. It is a good feeling .( and at 80cents for an espresso it is easy to accept.)

Sometimes going out for coffee has been my only social contact of the day….if I don’t count meeting people on the way there and back. Because it is short my Italian is adequate.

Today however coffee was for energy and enthusiasm because I was going to have a lot of work to get done.

I have been dreaming about this latest commission. As I think it is a surprise I can’t post photos, but it includes portraits, people, a boat, a complicated seascape and a grand building with many windows….and a car. Today. I painted the portraits and I am happy with them so the rest of the painting, though complicated does not need to be so exact ….that should stop the dreams.

I started work around 9am and finished at 5pm so now It is wine time.

I didn’t drink red wine before I came to Italy. But when I was all by myself for the first 10 days after we arrived. ( long story.) There was only red wine in the house and I had no transport .

I don’t drink particularly ‘good’ wine as frankly I don’t know the difference. I have noticed that I like stronger wine better than the 10% type and I like to buy local stuff when I get the chance. Other than that I know how much I can drink ( not a lot) without feeling bad the next day, I have better things to do than have a hangover. It makes me feel good and I reckon it doesn’t do my heart any harm.

It is one luxury I can afford here.

So I started the day sitting outside with a coffee and now I am starting the evening outside with a glass of wine.

It has been a very satisfactory day so far…….cheers 🍷🍷

After 5pm….must be wine time.
Morning with triple espresso……..

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