Summer in Pisticci… having this weekend off…. I think

The complicated commission has left the building. It was looking quite a lot different from yesterday, but am happy to say that a lot of the changes were not down to misunderstandings with the language just lack of communication and other things. Although I would prefer not to have had to change it I was quite impressed by my ability to make changes.

And now I have 2 more commissions. I am rubbish at saying no. But then I will have earned enough money for a month.

And I got bonus vegetables . Some of which I’ve cooked and others are going to be part of my next still life.

And I learned there is a colour called “Conte blue” after the Italian prime minister.

My other commission should be collected tomorrow or Saturday.

That has been a busy week. I was worried that I wouldn’t get everything done in time which is why I was working all last weekend.

Maybe I will paint the still life tomorrow for fun ……and because the vegetables will look better before they get wrinkly and old.

Am much cheered up after last night. Probably I should make myself go out tomorrow now that I am not on a deadline. Maybe just a coffee …….

Meantime , whatever happens next , right at this minute I am feeling relaxed and happy . There is a lovely breeze blowing . I have a glass of wine. The prospect of more work. A job well done. Cheers!

Next potential stil life with vegetables.
Enjoying being out here……..

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