Summer in Pisticci…..nearly the end….

I was thinking this morning that this has been the worst August in years. Not that anything very bad has happened to me. And some people think that there were a lot of Italian tourists in Pisticci so that was good.

But usually August is outstanding.  It’s the highlight of the year. It’s like party  month. For me it has always  been free entertainment month, the chance to sell a lot of paintings to tourists, to be part of the crowds watching the procession. And it is all free!!  For a whole month I am the lucky one who lives in town. I get to see the fireworks when all the country folk have gone home or can’t  be bothered to look for a parking space in the first place. I have decorations on my house to celebrate the saint passing in the procession at the end of my street. I even treat myself to a cheap piece of jewellery  from the street market as a souvenir.   I can wander about in the crowds and not feel alone. 

And there was none of that. It was a pleasant enough month . I worked a lot. Even got my nice trophy  , but it feels like it was  just another month. I think it is like I missed out on my summer dose of free fun.

And now it will be September soon and that is a lovely month. So is October and often the weather is good right up to December.

Maybe some activities will start again….but possibly not and the chances of a second lockdown are reasonably high…though we might be lucky.

Next month I plan to check that I am ok to stay here. I can’t even begin to imagine how that might feel …to be safe in that respect. Am not taking anything for granted.

Anyways after a bit of a moan to myself this morning I made myself go out for a coffee. It wasn’t the best experience , but at least I did it.

Then when I got back I noticed a big old antique frame up on a shelf and it occurred to me that now I can make any size of canvas I like and I never had a canvas that fitted this. So I spent an hour making a canvas with stretchers to fit it……and despite my measuring skills not being too good …it fits!!!

Now I have included it in my next still life which it will thereafter frame. That was quite satisfying. I have drawn it and put a wash on it. So am all ready to paint tomorrow. Who would have thought that I would be able to make my own canvases. It is 58x78cms.

Friday evening again. Next week it will be September and it looks like it could be a little cooler. I think I should get into more of a work routine. That will be okay. I can do that. I am still very lucky to be here having this life.( But missed August😕)

Wine time ……cheers!

I made a canvas that actually fits!!!
Bit of a messy start…..
On way back home this morning. The sky really is that colour. And the shadow of the clock tower is blue.

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