Summer in Pisticci…..stress….

I’ve sent photos of both commissions now to the clients. No replies so far. This is always a stressful period. When I paint for myself it is only myself I have to please ..and I am quite fussy..but when I am painting for someone else , even when I have checked and confirmed what I should do there are often changes to be made . Sometimes it is extra things to be added or in portraits a few lines to be deleted. But it all plays into my image of myself as not good enough.

First change  needed. Have spent last hour changing things. Partly language problem.

I always think I can “manage”. So have been trying to be more discriminating as to which commissions I accept…. but as I generally need the money then it is easy to think the reference photos are not that bad.

I will be very glad when these 2 paintings are finally done and gone.

That is all I have done today. I estimate I spent about 25 hours on the complicated one in total.

Now I have to take a duster up to my neighbours house which dropped off her washing line.

I ‘m tired and won’t be painting any more today.

Nice breeze blowing. Bit fed up…..but wine time and fish fingers to follow. 😀

Lovely evening again , but not for somebody. The yellow ambulance helicopter has been here again.

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