Summer in Pisticci. …..more stuff…less thinking

Woke up this morning thinking I had just finished a self portrait. I must’ve dreamed it, but it was so real that I had to think about it before I realised that it couldn’t be true.

For the first time since the lockdown started I went to the supermarket for the second time in less than a week. I had run out of a few things and daringly set off. Who would have thought that it would feel daring to go shopping twice in a week.

Back home and the phone rang. Even though I didn’t recognise the number I answered it . And am very happy I did. I met some lovely people and as a bonus sold 4 paintings. And they told me about a film called “Maudie” which I think I will enjoy.

This afternoon was spent working on my latest still life. It needs a few things fixing but I have tried it in the frame and it fits perfectly. I am considering painting local food next.

Now it is breezy outside. It has been very hot today and a bit steamy. Tomorrow might be the same , but the rest of the week is to be cooler.

Not quite finished but getting there
The last tomato deserves a photo.
This morning before it got really hot.

One comment

  1. Your still life is going very well and you just have to love that last tomato. ‘ Love the Last Tomato’ sounds like a cult book or an art film 😂

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