Summer in Pisticci…..the last hot day of August.

It was fairly hot inside today and I spent quite a lot of time in my gallery/ summer bedroom and currently “still life” set up space It is the coolest place in the house .

My first job today was to add my “gold” trophy to my still life painting as I thought it needed some balance and as the big picture frame was also gold I think it worked . It’s now my favourite painting.

I think I must be awfully narcissistic as it is really all about me. Maybe that is what all artists do. I remember someone telling me once that everyone I painted had my eyes!! I hope not now , but sometimes it is difficult to be objective .

I am very happy with the painting. It is full of interesting things, I like the way I have painted it and finally I am getting close to the bright colours I have always wanted to paint.I don’t care if the cupboard is slightly squint due to my eyesight , constantly moving position and the fact that the base of my easel isn’t quite horizontal. I think it’s funny that the thing I like best is the flowers and they were done in less than 5 minutes. I enjoy painting the wine glass which James said was an antique, and which I only pour wine into at the end and then paint it before drinking it. I tried coloured water…. but it was not the same.

There is something very satisfying about painting my life on canvas.

Other than lying about reading and keeping cool and speaking to my daughter on whatsapp I only sort of upgraded the shower room floor by painting black lines round all the tiles. I like the result.

It is getting really windy out here , but I’m glad that on the last day of August 2020 I am marking the occasion by sitting here.

I forgot that I started another small portrait commission today. Plan to paint it tomorrow.

It has been a strange August.

But it is wine time…….cheers 🍷🍷

The upgraded shower room floor.
All about me 😀😀
My outside space ……..bye August.🙇

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