September in Pisticci….not so satisfactory week..

I have just realised I can’t  really write about   what was so unsatisfactory  about this week. I could say that the plans were good but the execution  of them was a little disappointing.

So I am sitting inside feeling a bit bothered by loud music from up the street . After a whole year of relative peace I am wondering what has changed.

I should have watered the flowers before I wrote this , but would not have been able to greet nicely the ” creator of the noise”.

I have my brown noise  thing on full in the other room and ” friday jazz” on youtube.  All the windows and doors are closed. I have learned how to deal with noise …. mostly …and am not as anxious as I used to be.

I have more or less finished the small portraits and am looking forward to doing something different next. Not sure what…..though I have some clay and I admired the big red ceramic flowers I saw this week. I wonder if I could make something similar. 

I did go out for a walk 4 days out of 5 this week . That was impressive for me. It helps that it isn’t quite so hot.

The virus is getting a little closer here. There was 1 case in Marconia yesterday. I wonder if I need anything else incase of lockdown.

It is more worrying about the increase of cases in Scotland. I am more or less resigned to making the most of this time , but it must be much more difficult for lots of people who have families to deal with and decisions to make. I only need to consider myself.

Anyways….it’s Friday and wine time. I have the good cheap fish fingers to look forward to. And another episode of Vera. And maybe tomorrow I will play with clay. 💪😀

Me and Ted’s friday night in….
This morning on my way home from.farmacia

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