September in Pisticci ….stormy day

The wind is charging up my street as usual. It may be quite a mild evening round the corner , but it’s a cold wind passing my door. I forgot when I was living in my other little house just how strong it blew here.

It has also rained today though no thunder. And finally on the subject of weather , when I went up town this morning it was 17C in the corsa. That is about 10 degrees less than yesterday.

However it looks like it will be back to normal mid twenties on Monday. ( But today I had to put on socks and my sentimental trainers!!)

It’s been a strange day . I think I remember every year feeling unsettled as the weather changes and this year even more so.

I wonder what this winter will be like.

Am wondering whether to stop reading all the depressing UK news and start only reading the Italian stuff. I was happily ” dropped out” until brexit and then I got really interested. I have a feeling that if I knew what was happening in Italy it might sound just as upsetting.

Better get back to day at a time living.

Today I didn’t do very much. After I came back from town I did some unenthusiastic painting, watched a few more David Hockney out takes and wondered if my sentimental trainers would last another year.

It will be 3 years next month since James’s accident….so my trainers are that old.

Am a little bit dressed up tonight as am going out. It looks cold out there …..I guess I am lucky that I can still go out and am not locked down.

Oh dear, I think my lack of enthusiasm is showing. Better get on with photos ….

Taken right now. ……

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