September in Pisticci……

Was thinking about ” joy” this morning.

I was going to go for a walk and take my kindle .I thought I would just find a little rucksack so that I didn’t need 2 bags. An hour later I was still in the house surrounded by the contents of several old handbags….old sweeties, pens, business cards, change and shopping lists etc…nothing very exciting like a 50 euro note or a forgotten love letter or concert ticket.

Anyways , I decided that 3 of them would possibly be suitable, but they could all do with a wash. There was a proper rucksack, a sentimental one and a denim bag I bought in Reggio Emilia.

So instead of going for a walk I hunted around until I found enough things to fill the washing machine.

After hanging everything out I found a few more out takes with David Hockney. It was a lovely windy day and the sun was shining.

On one of the short films he was asked “what do you want people to feel when they look at your paintings?”

“Joy!” He said.

So that’s how I got thinking about joy.

What I like about painting is when people are happy with what I have done. Like the train driver who spontaneously hugged me because he was so pleased with portrait of his wife I had done. It still makes me smile when I think about it.

There have been a lot of joyful things which happened in Italy. Just little things, smiles, surprises, beautiful scenes, moments when I can’t believe I am so lucky to be here, selling a painting the day after a bill arrives, hearing the cowbells for the first time, eating my first home grown tomato, sitting on the doorstep with a glass of wine and lots more.

Today it was taking 2 summer dresses off the line and realising that the wind had ” ironed” them. Then the little cat looked at me in a friendly sort of way. (.progress) my bags all look good as new after being washed.

But the best one one was when my neighbour got home from work and brought me a melon. He has never done that before. ( I love melons and only buy one for a special treat. ) It was so surprising and nice.

I could write a list pages long with all the little joyful things. Having written about this I wonder if I can put some into my paintings……that would be a plan ……

I drew some cups and sugar and coffee containers on my kindle today. It turned out well.

There is a gale blowing up my street, but it’s nice and warm in here. Hoping I can find another episode of Vera……I have plenty of wine and a melon for later. Cool!

The little cups were a gift, so was the yellow container and James bought me the sugar dish.
This morning…..windy and sunny.

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