Finally it’s December in Pisticci…..gales, rain, thunder, new window and Christmas decorations…….

It was quite difficult to sleep last night as I am not very well insulated from the elements. It was ,and has been most of today, very , very windy.

As my studio is either draughty ,or you could say , well ventilated through gaps in doors weather is quite loud inside. It is also visible as my velvet curtain blows back and forward through between the two parts of my house.

All morning the wind howled, the tree shook and my chair blew right out from my doorstep down to the end of the street.

Despite all this it has been reasonably warm inside.

I worked on my new window most of today. It wasn’t that there was a lot of work , just that I didn’t think it looked right so I kept changing it. I am reasonably happy with it now. It’s a mixture of paint and objects. I like that it’s a sort of joke. I also like that I can see the sea.

Yikes….. there was just a very bright flash of lightening. The thunder wasn’t long after so must be nearby.

The street lights in Dirupo are out. I have checked where my big torches are incase the electricity goes off.

The weather is supposed to be ok again tomorrow.

I brought my Christmas decorations down from the shelf in my work room , but wasn’t very inspired. Have used some on the dresser and plugged in the little white branch thing that James bought me.

The last time I used the decorations was in my other house.

Tomorrow I might get started on tidying my work room. It’s just that it’s so cold through there.

The church music has started now. It seems louder tonight and is mixed in with thunder.

Wine time is even more welcome than normal tonight.


Am quite proud of the post card which appears to be stuck behind the vase.
A small attempt at Christmas decorations.
No street lights here…..

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