Finally it’s December in Pisticci….living in a story book house……

After painting my new window there was a blank space above ,where there were a few small cracks in the plaster . It appealed to me to er ..” paint over the cracks”.

I did some minimal research…..looked up climbing plants, because at first I thought that I would have flowers. Then I decided a version of Ivy with less complicated leaves would likely do. ( I know from experience that I get bored painting a lot of leaves so simple shapes are best.)

Without further ado I found a long bamboo cane which I probably brought from the beach years ago and stuck a paintbrush in the end and taped it . Perfect!!

I have a lot of green paint which I was given and don’t use. I prefer to mix my own so I put it on a tray and got going.

I like the result very much. It is much better than in the photo . ( I will do some shading and fixing tomorrow , but it’s mostly there. )

Sitting here looking across at the wall it reminds me of an illustration in a children’s book of the type that was popular when I was small. Especially now with all the red flowers on the mantelpiece.

Hurray… looks like I am getting back into my nice fantasy life…..

Accompanied by some lovely church music , wine and the stove burning in the corner , what could be nicer..😀🍷🍷

My illustrated kitchen…..
Looking down on Dirupo this morning.

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