Finally it’s December in Pisticci…..Oops……

It has been one of these days. Not awful….just frustratingly contradictory.

At around 7am I started looking on my phone company app to see how I could buy a smaller sim. It is theoretically possible , but two hours later despite the help ( not much) of “Will” the online help person I found another phone company vaguely related and bought what I think now is the wrong size of sim. Luckily it didn’t cost much.

After pottering around a bit I thought that I might as well go and see if the phone shop was open. On the way I dropped by the doctor’s office as there was only one person waiting outside. However he seemed to think that the doctor had been called away. After a few minutes I left to go to the phone shop.

The shutter was most of the way up but it looked very dark inside. I tried the door. Locked. I thought maybe the owner had gone for a coffee.

Ten minutes later I was back at the doctor’s. Now there was someone else waiting. I decided that 10 minutes was long enough to wait.

After 10 minutes I went to see if the phone shop was open yet. No!

As I was leaving someone called to me. He had come out of the shop , but wasn’t the owner. I think he told me that it was closed… I assume for some time. I have no idea why he would have been in a darkened shop.. but so many unexplainable things happen here.

I thought I might as well see if the doctor had returned . No!

I went home and had a small cup of glugg.( swedish mulled wine.)

Passed another frustrating hour looking to see if I had missed a perfectly simple way of solving my phone problem and was relieved to have my daughter phone and distract me from a further waste of time.

Thankfully by then it was lunch time.

And my hessian, which I plan to use for making a rag rug, arrived.( at my neighbour’s house as usual. )

In the afternoon I thought I would carry on tidying my work room , so I emptied three shelves in an alcove which had been hidden by a curtain, making it possible for me to have thrown things in any old way for the last year or so.

There were several old art boxes which I emptied of solid paint tubes and equally solid brushes. And there was a bag of stars. The kind teachers used to use when I was at school if you had done something well.

Underneath everything I found not one, but 3 rughooks. ( the one I bought online arrived a few days ago.) Doh!!!!!

Thank goodness it was nearly time for wine after that or I would surely have found a roll of hessian that I’d forgotten about as well.

Other than that it’s been a nice day. And it is the weekend tomorrow. Hurray.!!


The little cat climbed up the door to make me let it in today….
Nice view from near the doctor’s surgery.

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