Finally it’s December in Pisticci…..bits and pieces…

My new phone arrived today. That was pretty exciting. It looks lovely. However it needs a nano sim ( today’s new word).My current phone has a micro sim which is bigger than a nano sim. According to YouTube I could get a pair of scissors and very carefully cut my micro sim to make it into a nano sim. ( I vaguely remember that I made my normal sim into a micro sim with something I bought off the internet) But I am not keen to chop it up any further. Neat cutting is not one of my gifts.

I considered what I might do and decided I would take both phones to the one and only phone shop in Pisticci and explain .(ha ha!)

Then either the man in the shop would say “I have a thing which will cut it into a nano sim.” ( heard that was possible on youtube.) Or he would say , ” you need to buy a new sim and change your phone number. ” In which case I would buy new nano sim , bring it home and use it as a template to cut up my micro sim . If I ruined it I would still have a new sim. If it worked I would be very happy.

The shop was shut.

My next plan is to see if I can buy one from my phone company.

I did get to see the Christmas decorations while I was out which was nice.

And I got to try out my winter outfit.

On the way home I stopped by at the doctor’s office. But there were so many people waiting I didn’t bother going in.

I got an armful of lemons neighbour just as I reached home.

Now Christmas lights lit, candle lit and wine in glass……not sure what I will do with the lemons. They look and smell beautiful.

Nice day……🍷🍷

On my way home…
Winter outfit……( darth vader look)
The piazza.

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