Finally it’s December in Pisticci……”facon” and eggs……

James and I used to eat ” facon” ( prosciutto crudo) and eggs for breakfast a lot. He usually made it.

We would sit out on the porch if it was warm enough and enjoy the view and chat about what we might do that day. For several months while there was a special offer on at the supermarket we would finish by sharing a small bottle of proseco They were sold in 6 packs. ( 7% ) I felt very sophisticated/ bad / reckless drinking proseco at breakfast time.

If you bought 3 packs at once then you got a free airbed.

It was a good time.

And it was nice to have something special today. After all it is December and Sunday .

It’s been a long quiet day . I went to the supermarket just to get out of the house. I bought cheese and chocolate. I haven’t bought cheese for ages as it was not on my list of necessary foods. Chocolate was on the list.

I can hear music from the church now. It always feels good. When I look back on lockdown in the spring that was one of the highlights. I would sometimes sit on the doorstep and listen.

After having watched a lot of videos showing artist’s studios I thought maybe I should spend some time in mine. I put the gas heater full on and painted the top of the little old table that I think of as my painting table. James said it was about 300 years old. ( he had a complicated relationship with the truth so maybe it is or maybe it isn’t. ) It doesn’t really matter . It looks home made and I love using things that have a history. I would love to think that it went from being a kitchen table where pasta was made, and people ate and now it’s a painting table and maybe it will be something else in the future.

I cleared out the top of the bookcase and found folders full of songs James wrote and a diary I wrote when I stayed here by myself one January when James went to Scotland. That was the time there was a pillow fight in the street and it snowed.

I have quite enjoyed going out just before it gets dark for a short walk. ( very short….and lots of stops to take photos.)

Time for wine and maybe cheese……..🍷🍷

Photo taken on my short walk.
My workroom

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